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Saudi General Entertainment Authority Launches Big Time Investment Fund to Boost Arabic Film Industry

Advisor Turki bin Abdulmohsen Al Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi General Entertainment Authority (GEA), has unveiled the establishment of the Big Time Investment Fund, a pioneering initiative aimed at bolstering the quality of Arabic content in film production, distribution, and manufacturing. Renowned artists from the Arab world are set to play a pivotal role in this endeavor.

Al Al-Sheikh highlighted GEA's commitment as the primary sponsor of the fund, with the Ministry of Culture assuming the role of co-sponsor. In a collaborative effort, several specialized companies, including Sela Studio, SMC Company, Rotana Audio Visual Co., and Benchmark Company, will contribute to the fund, signaling a unified commitment to advancing the Arabic film industry.

The initial phase of the fund will concentrate on strategically investing in significant Saudi, Gulf, and Arab films, aiming to amplify their impact and reach both regionally and internationally.

The announcement was made during Al Al-Sheikh's visit to Egypt, where he is engaging in a series of high-level meetings with officials from both the public and private sectors. These discussions are geared towards fostering and fortifying collaboration in the realms of entertainment and the arts between the two brotherly nations.

The establishment of the Big Time Investment Fund marks a significant milestone in GEA's efforts to cultivate creativity, innovation, and excellence within the Arabic film industry, while also nurturing cross-cultural exchanges and partnerships across the region.



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