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Russian Missile Hits Educational Institution, Kills Five In Ukraine’s Odesa

BUCHAREST, Romania – A Russian missile attack on an educational institution in a popular seafront art in the Ukraine Black Sea port of Odesa on Monday killed at least five people and injured 32, local officials said.


Regional governor Oleh Kiper, writing on the Telegram messaging app, said that in addition to those killed in the attack, one man died after suffering a stroke attributed to the strike.


Kiper said eight of the injured were in serious condition, including a 4-year-old child. Among the injured were another child and a pregnant woman.


Reuters Television footage showed the roof of the ornate building, a private law academy, all but destroyed after the strike. Firefighters were directed water on small fires still burning.


“Monsters. Beasts. Savages. Scrum. I don’t know what else to say”, Odesa Mayor Hennadii Trukhanov said in a video posted on Telegram. “People are going for a walk by the sea and they are shooting and killing”.


A student at the academy who identified herself by her first name, Maria, said the blaze was caused when the missile was intercepted.


“In front of my eyes, a missile was shot down, this was just in front of me. My doors were blown open and the glass was shaking. And then I saw this”, she told Reuters, pointing to the burning building.


“Just before this happened, we wanted to go down there for a walk, but thank God we weren’t there when in happened”.


Ukrainian navy spokesperson Dmytro Pletenchuk, in a posting on the military Telegram channel, said the strike was conducted by an Iskander-M ballistic missile with a cluster warhead.


Public broadcaster Suspilne said the academy’s president, a prominent former member of parliament, Serhiy Kivalov, was among the injured.


Odesa has been a frequent target of Russian missile and drone attacks, particularly port infrastructure.



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