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French Minister Rachida Dati Explores Riyadh’s Cultural Gems

French Minister Rachida Dati Explores Riyadh’s Cultural Gems

Riyadh, March 19, 2024 — The Republic of France’s Minister of Culture, Rachida Dati, embarked on a captivating cultural journey during her official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Her exploration of Riyadh’s prominent venues and events left an indelible mark on the city’s vibrant arts scene.

Diriyah Biennale for Contemporary Art: A Creative Oasis

Minister Dati’s first stop was the “Diriyah Biennale for Contemporary Art”, nestled in the Jax district of Diriyah. This dynamic event drew elite artists from both the Kingdom and around the globe. The Jax district, once unassuming, underwent a remarkable transformation. It now pulsates with creativity, boasting performance spaces, artist studios, and captivating art galleries. The redesign has turned it into a vibrant creative hub, where artistic expression thrives.

Irqah Cultural Center: A Historical Revival

Continuing her cultural odyssey, Minister Dati visited the Irqah Cultural Center. Here, she delved into its innovative initiatives, which breathe new life into historical buildings. The center’s mission is clear: to embrace art, artists, and the essence of Saudi culture. Repurposed with care, the Irqah Cultural Center stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s cultural creativity. It offers unique spaces where history converges with contemporary expression.

As Minister Dati explored these cultural gems, she celebrated the fusion of tradition and innovation. Riyadh’s commitment to nurturing creativity and fostering dialogue resonated deeply. The Irqah Cultural Center, with its repurposed historical architecture, exemplifies the beauty of transformation—a canvas where Saudi culture and artistic vision intertwine.



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