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Asty Symphony Orchestra Heads To AlUla To Perform With Andrea Bocelli

MILAN, Italy - - The musicians of the Asty Symphony Orchestra have said they are honored to be playing at the Maraya Concert Hall in AlUla on Friday with Andrea Bocelli, the world's most popular living tenor.

The concert, which has long been sold out, will be Bocelli's fourth performance in AlUla, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It will be streamed on the tenor's YouTube channel.

The 130 musicians who will play with Bocelli in AlUla flew out on Wednesday from the Italian city of Turin.

'We have often been called to accompany Maestro Bocelli', Enrico Bellati, president of the Asti Symphony Orchestra, told Italian daily La Stampa. 'Playing in AlUla is an honor for us. It will be another unforgettable experience'.

The concert will be an evening of opera and pop, and will include Bocelli's greatest hits such as the famous aria 'Nessun Dorma'.

Founded in 2014, the orchestra is based in Meta, a small town in the Italian region of Piedmont.


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