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Historic Monetary Prizes Announced for 2024 Show Jumping and Dressage World Cup in Riyadh

Historic Monetary Prizes Announced for 2024 Show Jumping and Dressage World Cup in Riyadh

In a groundbreaking announcement, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) has revealed that the monetary rewards for the 2024 Show Jumping and Dressage World Cup, set to take place in Riyadh from April 17 to 20, will mark the highest in the tournament's storied history.

According to an official statement released on the FEI's website, the organizers of the World Cup Show Jumping and Dressage Finals have substantially amplified the prizes for the winners. Initially slated at 1.3 million euros, the total prize pool for the tournament has now been magnified twofold, reaching an impressive 2.6 million euros, thanks to the gracious support of the organizing committee.

This remarkable surge in prize money, unprecedented in the annals of the World Cup Show Jumping and Dressage Finals, is anticipated to be a singular occurrence, rendering the 2024 World Cup Finals in Riyadh an extraordinary and unparalleled event.

Sabrina Ibáñez, the Secretary General of the FEI, conveyed the organization's profound appreciation to the Saudi Equestrian Federation for its unwavering backing, affirming its unwavering readiness to elevate the Show Jumping and Dressage World Cup Finals to unparalleled heights of competitiveness.

Furthermore, Ibáñez underscored the resolute commitment of the organizing committee and extended gratitude towards the equestrian community in the Kingdom, whose warm reception is poised to contribute significantly to the resounding success of the event. Notably, Saudi Arabia is slated to host 13 events this year, with an additional 12 events planned for 2025.

Moreover, AlUla is set to host the esteemed World Endurance Championships in 2026.

Prince Abdullah bin Fahd bin Abdullah, President of the Saudi Equestrian Federation, articulated the Kingdom's steadfast readiness to host the largest equestrian spectacle ever staged in the Middle East. He expressed profound gratitude for the generous patronage extended by the Saudi leadership and the unwavering commitment of the Minister of Sports in ensuring that events hosted by the Kingdom attain the pinnacle of excellence.

Furthermore, Prince Abdullah acknowledged the fruitful collaboration between the FEI and the Saudi Federation, which has facilitated the Kingdom's hosting of prestigious events. He lauded AlUla's capacity to host the 2026 World Endurance Championship, affirming the Kingdom's adeptness in staging global extravaganzas and solidifying Saudi Arabia's status as a premier destination for equestrian enthusiasts worldwide.

Stay tuned to Saudi Arabia Breaking News for further updates on this momentous event.



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