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A Triumph of Logistics and Dedication - The FEI World Cup Finals 2024

A Triumph of Logistics and Dedication - The FEI World Cup Finals 2024

In a remarkable display of logistical prowess and unwavering dedication, the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation has transformed the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center into a world-class equestrian hub in just 35 days. This impressive feat ensured that the venue met the rigorous standards of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), providing a stage worthy of the prestigious Show Jumping and Dressage World Cup that commenced on April 17.

The newly christened “Arena” serves as the heart of the tournament, encompassing competition areas, spectator stands, horse stables, and a dedicated events village. The competition fields, with a floor weight of 2.5 tons, are a marvel of engineering – a carefully calibrated mix of fiber, light sand, and specialized materials. This innovative blend guarantees optimal footing for both riders and horses, maximizing safety and performance.

Every aspect of the venue adheres to meticulously defined FEI specifications, overseen by qualified soil experts. The main competition field sprawls across 3,400 square meters, while warm-up areas provide an additional 4,600 square meters of training space.

The organizers have not overlooked aesthetics, equipping the enclosed arena with cutting-edge lighting that meets FEI requirements, including dedicated illumination for the opening and closing ceremonies. A colossal 56-square-meter screen situated in the main square ensures that spectators do not miss a single moment of the action.

Understanding the crucial role of equine comfort, the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation built dedicated stables for participating horses. The state-of-the-art facility boasts a spacious 2,700 square meters and features 81 individual horse stalls, each a generous 12 square meters. These comfortable boxes are equipped with specialized flooring and a unique rotating mechanism, allowing for optimal horse movement within the confines of the stables.

The Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation’s commitment to excellence shines through in this remarkable feat. The rapid and meticulous preparation has laid the groundwork for a successful World Cup event, showcasing the Kingdom’s dedication to equestrian sports on the world stage.

The competition, which concludes yesterday, April 19, featured a stellar lineup of 51 riders of both genders and 60 horses, representing 24 countries. This event is a testament to the Kingdom’s growing prominence in the global equestrian scene and its unwavering commitment to delivering world-class experiences for athletes and spectators alike.



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