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Riyadh Season Records More Than 12 Million Visits

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - The Saudi capital has made a significant contribution to the Kingdom's tourism sector through Riyadh Season activities, experiences and events, which have been enjoyed by millions of visitors since October last year.

Riyadh Season recorded more than 12 million visitors in fourth months, as multiple free - of - charge zones continue receiving people daily.

The program includes more than 7,500 diversified entertainment events, including 70 Arab concerts, six global concerts, 10 global exhibitions, 350 theatrical shows, 18 Arab theatrical plays and six global theatrical plays.

It also includes a freestyle wrestling tournament, two international matches, 100 interactive experiments, as well as 200 restaurants and 70 coffee shops that suit individuals, families and children.

Riyadh Season events kicked off on Oct.20 last year through more than 14 entertainment zones across Riyadh. It has hosted several festivals as well as local and global artists.

Several Arab and non - Arab countries have also taken part at Riyadh Boulevard, one of the biggest regional entertainment incubators.


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