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Winning Night Photography Images Unveiled in HIPA-Huawei Collaboration

Winning Night Photography Images Unveiled in HIPA-Huawei Collaboration

In a remarkable display of artistic talent and technical prowess, the Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) recently unveiled the winning photos of its night photography competition in collaboration with Huawei XMAGE, Huawei's cutting-edge imaging technology available on its latest devices. This competition, hosted on Instagram, garnered significant attention from the photography community, inviting enthusiasts to showcase their night photography skills.

This competition is an extension of the partnership between HIPA and Huawei, which previously resulted in a successful collaboration on the HUAWEI Themes platform. This platform presented over 120 photographs curated by HIPA, organized under 11 themes of artistic imagery. Owners of Huawei smartphones, foldable phones, tablets, and smartwatches can now explore this captivating world of award-winning HIPA photography in stunning detail and creativity through a series of new Themes.

The competition attracted a diverse range of participants, with the winners announced as follows: Emirati photographer Abdulrab Salem Ali Sawad secured the first place, while second place was awarded to Azim Khan Ronnie from Bangladesh. Saudi photographer Faisal Saleh Aljrifani clinched the third place, with Spanish photographer Shadi Nassri and Indian photographer Riyas Kulangarakath Muhammed securing the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

First-place winner Abdulrab Salem Ali Sawad, an Emirati photographer, expressed his joy at the controversy surrounding his winning photo, which appeared to have been taken during the day rather than at night. He noted the importance of the HIPA jury's expertise in scrutinizing the image's data and verifying its accuracy and timing.

Abdulrab shared the story behind his winning photograph, saying it was taken in Iceland, capturing the Vestrahorn mountain during a night flight to observe the Northern Lights. Although the Northern Lights remained elusive, he was captivated by the moonlight and stars' reflection on the mountain. To capture the image, Abdulrab employed long exposure and multiple exposures, meticulously combining them later for maximum accuracy.

Abdulrab expressed his gratitude to HIPA for enriching the global art scene through its annual competitions, exhibitions, and various artistic activities.

Faisal Saleh Aljrifani, the third-place winner from Saudi Arabia, described his winning photograph, taken in Al-Ula in 2022. He shared his ambition to continue developing his skills in photography, emphasizing the positive impact of the award on his career and professional connections.

Spanish photographer Shadi Nassri, who secured the fourth position, described the planning and execution behind his shot, involving the Milky Way positioned above a lavender tree. The photo was taken in Brihuega, a small town in the northeast of Madrid, with a Nikon Z6 II and a 35mm lens.

HIPA Secretary General, Ali Bin Thalith, expressed his satisfaction with the competition's results, highlighting the opportunities it provided for talented photographers to capture moments that bring joy. He commended the competition's unique theme, diverse participants, and the intriguing discussions and lessons that emerged during the judging process.

Mr. William Hu, Managing Director of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Middle East and Africa Eco Development and Operation, expressed his pleasure in Huawei's ongoing collaboration with HIPA on HUAWEI Themes. He emphasized the competition's role in inspiring photographers of all backgrounds to unleash their creativity and capture the enchanting beauty of the night.

The competition not only celebrated the extraordinary talent of photographers but also highlighted the power of photography as a medium of expression. HIPA's photography on HUAWEI Themes has been a tremendous success, with over 800,000 downloads on the official HUAWEI Themes store, making it the second most downloaded content after Huawei's official content.



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