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Saudi Post Issues Commemorative Stamp For UNESCO World Heritage Committee Session

Riyadh, September 20, 2023 - In a move that underscores the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's commitment to hosting prestigious international events, the Saudi Post has issued a commemorative stamp valued at SAR3. The issuance of this special postage stamp coincides with the Kingdom's role as the host of the 45th extended session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

The commemorative stamp serves as a tangible symbol of the Kingdom's dedication to highlighting the significance of issuing postage stamps in commemorating noteworthy occasions. It joins a rich tradition of Saudi Post stamps that have been issued to mark prominent national and international events.

The 45th UNESCO World Heritage Committee session, currently underway, has brought together representatives from 21 member states of the organization. This gathering reaffirms the Kingdom's standing as a prominent host for prestigious international events, conferences, and meetings of global significance.

Saudi Arabia's commitment to preserving cultural and historical heritage is underscored by its hosting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee session. The commemorative stamp serves as a testament to this commitment and celebrates the Kingdom's role in the protection and promotion of world heritage.

These stamps have become highly sought-after collectibles among philatelists and historians worldwide. They serve as valuable tokens of historical events and occasions, capturing moments of significance in the Kingdom's rich tapestry of culture and international engagement.

The issuance of commemorative stamps by the Saudi Post reflects the importance of recovery and honoring important milestones and events, not only for philatelic enthusiasts but also as a means of promoting global awareness and appreciation of cultural heritage.

As the 45th extension of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee continues, the commemorative stamp stands as a lasting reminder of the Kingdom's dedication to fostering cultural exchange, preservation, and international cooperation.



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