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Saudi Authorities Warn Against Donating To Strangers Due To Terrorism Financing

PARIS, France - Saudi Arabia's Presidency of State Security warned citizens and residents in the Kingdom against donating to strangers, nothing that such practices increase the probability of financing terrorism.

'[Random strangers] may be more dangerous than you think', the Presidency of State Security said in a statement on Twitter, urging people to only make donations via authorized channels.

The Presidency of State Security also posted a video that illustrates how some beggars scam people.

In one instance, a man was disguised as a woman wearing niqab and accompanied by children whom he exploited 'for the purpose of illegal activity'.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom's General Security said in a statement that security forces will continue to arrest beggars and take legal measures against them.

It also urged citizens and residents to donate via authorized channels, particularly through the Ehsan platform which the Kingdom launched last year.

The anti - begging law, which Saudi Arabia adopted in January 2021, imposes penalties that vary from a one - year prison sentence or a fine worth up to 100,000 SAR ($26,658) or both for anyone begging or cooperating with beggars or inciting someone to beg.



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