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Saudi Arabia's Riyadh Season Welcomes Over 15 Million Visitors

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - - Riyadh Season has welcomed over 15 million visitors so far, as the megafestival approaches its closing date, the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Monday.

The fair's second edition was launched on October 20 last year and is set to run until March 31. The first edition of Riyadh Season launched in 2019, welcoming over 10 million visitors.

Organized by the Kingdom's General Entertainment Authority (GEA), Riyadh Season hosted thousands of music, art, culture, food and sports events across its 13 zones, spanning 5.4 million square meters.

This year's Riyadh Season, held under the slogan 'Imagine More', included several concerts performed by the likes of Sean Paul, Pitbull, Amr Diab, and Mohamed Hamaki, among many others. It also hosted the Kingdom's first cosplay event, attended by hundreds of Saudi nationals, residents and visitors who dressed up as their favorite move and cartoon characters.

Riyadh Season 2021, the most spectacular edition yet, snagged four Guinness World Records. The records included 100 songs recorded using hologram technology and the largest Formula 1 car build using around 500,000 Lego curbs at the Riyadh Motor Show. The giant slide in Boulevard also won two world records for being the world's longest and having the highest number of tracks of its kind in the field of games.

The five - month event is part of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which was launched in 2016 to push for a set of social and economic reforms that aimed to enhance the quality of life for residents and citizens in Saudi Arabia and diversify the economy.



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