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Saudi Arabia Launches Human Capability Initiative (HCI) to Shape the Future Workforce

Saudi Arabia Launches Human Capability Initiative (HCI) to Shape the Future Workforce

Under the esteemed patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Prime Minister, and the Chairman of the Human Capability Development Program Committee—a pivotal component of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030—the Kingdom is set to host the inaugural edition of the Human Capability Initiative (HCI).

Scheduled for February 28-29, 2024, at the King Abdulaziz International Convention Center in Riyadh, HCI is poised to be a landmark event in the realm of global human capability development.

Themed "Future Readiness," HCI aims to convene a diverse assembly of over 6,000 experts, decision-makers, and more than 150 international keynote speakers from government, private, and non-profit sectors, as well as think tanks representing over 50 countries. The initiative seeks to foster impactful dialogues, create synergies, and seize opportunities for advancing human capability development worldwide.

Minister of Education and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Human Capability Development Program, Yousef Al-Benyan, expressed the significance of HCI, calling it the "first of its kind global cooperative platform" designed to catalyze international collaboration and enrich global dialogue in human capability development. Al-Benyan emphasized the conference's role in contributing to the development of human skills and fostering a prosperous global economy.

The HCI conference will focus on strengthening the human capability development ecosystem, promoting innovative policy design and creative solutions, and showcasing success stories of human capability development and its profound impact on economic growth. The overarching goal is to contribute to a sustainable global agenda that pioneers solutions for human capabilities across all age groups, anticipating future challenges and shaping a promising future for all.

Minister Al-Benyan highlighted the vital topics to be addressed at HCI, which include discussions on challenges facing human capability development in the wake of global changes, the essential skills required in the future global labor market, and the impact of rapid developments in the digital and economic fields on human capabilities.

As HCI sets the stage for new conversations on shaping policy, fostering collaboration, and encouraging public-private-third sector partnerships and investments at a global level, it is anticipated to play a pivotal role in building strong and flexible economies capable of meeting the challenges of the future.

For further details and updates on the Human Capability Initiative, please visit the official website: HCI Website.



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