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Romanian President Commends Ethnic Hungarian Community’s Contributions

Romanian President Commends Ethnic Hungarian Community’s Contributions

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has expressed his admiration for the ethnic Hungarian community’s contributions to Romania. In a message delivered on Friday, 15th March, in observance of Hungary’s National Day, President Iohannis lauded the local Hungarian minority for their role in “consolidating a modern, performing and inclusive Romanian society,” as reported by the Romanian news agency Agerpres.

The President highlighted the Hungarian community’s proud traditions and heritage, stating that they contribute to the “symphony of civilisations.” He commended the community’s cultural, scientific, spiritual activities, and its political personalities, acknowledging their significant contributions to the Romanian society.

Addressing the Romanian citizens of Hungarian origin, President Iohannis expressed his hope that the holiday would serve as an occasion for joy and a reinforcement of their confidence in the future. He urged unity and collaboration around major projects for Romania.

In his message, which was released by the Presidential Administration, President Iohannis extended his wishes for health and peace to the ethnic Hungarians. He envisioned a prosperous life for them in a well-developed society, built by capitalising on the values and potential of cultural diversity. This statement underscores the President’s recognition of the importance of multiculturalism and diversity in the development of a modern and inclusive society.



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