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Paris 2024: A Chance To Celebrate Sport And Culture In The City Of Light

Paris 2024: A Chance To Celebrate Sport And Culture In The City Of Light

PARIS, France - The Olympic Games are more than just a sporting event. They are a celebration of human achievement, cultural diversity, and global solidarity. They are also an opportunity for the host city to showcase its unique identity, heritage, and vision to the world.

That is why Paris 2024 is not only preparing to host the best Olympic and Paralympic Games ever but also to use the power of the flame to inspire people across France and beyond. The torch relay, which will start in April 2024, will be an epic journey that will connect the regions of France, highlight their local talents and traditions, and invite everyone to join the Olympic spirit.

The flame will travel from Greece to France by boat, in line with the principle of sustainability that guides everything Paris 2024 does. It will then visit iconic locations such as the Eiffel Tower, which is expected to host the Olympic Cauldron, as well as lesser-known gems that reflect the diversity and richness of France.

The torchbearers will be selected based on their inspirational stories, their contribution to society, and their passion for the sport. They will represent all walks of life, genders, and abilities, reflecting the inclusive and accessible nature of Paris 2024. They will also carry a message of peace and hope, especially after the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Paris 2024 will also leverage the torch relay to promote sport as a tool for social change, education and health. They relay will be accompanied by various initiatives and events that will encourage people to discover new sports, engage in physical activity and adopt healthy lifestyles.

The torch will culminate in a spectacular opening ceremony at the Stade de France on July 26, 2024, where the flame will light up the cauldron and mark the start of 16 days of unforgettable competition and emotion. The flame will then pass to the Paralympic torch relay after the closing ceremony on August 11, 2024, continuing the celebration of human potential and resilience.

Paris 2024 is not just a four-year project. It is a long-term vision that aims to leave a lasting legacy for France and the world. The torch replay is a key part of that vision, as it will ignite the passion and enthusiasm of millions of people for sport and culture. It will also showcase Paris as a modern, creative and vibrant city that is ready to welcome the world with open arms


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