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National Security Advisor Sullivan Delays Saudi Arabia Visit Due to Medical Reasons

National Security Advisor Sullivan Delays Saudi Arabia Visit Due to Medical Reasons

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 4, 2024 – The White House press office confirmed today that National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan's planned visit to Saudi Arabia this week has been postponed. Press Secretary John Kirby cited medical reasons for the delay, stating that Mr. Sullivan is recovering from a cracked rib sustained in a recent, minor accident.

"National Security Advisor Sullivan is currently recuperating from a cracked rib incurred during a private incident," Mr. Kirby relayed in his official statement. "This unforeseen medical development has necessitated the postponement of his scheduled trip to Saudi Arabia."

Mr. Kirby emphasized the non-malicious nature of the accident and Mr. Sullivan's intention to reschedule the visit at his earliest convenience. The planned trip reportedly aimed to facilitate discussions with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman regarding potential advancements in the normalization process between Israel and Saudi Arabia. While recent hostilities in the Gaza Strip placed these talks on hold, they had reportedly resumed in recent months.

The potential normalization agreement is understood to encompass Saudi Arabia's pursuit of a more robust partnership with the United States, including a mutual defense pact and support for its civilian nuclear program. The White House maintains its commitment to these discussions, recognizing their strategic significance. An updated timeline for Mr. Sullivan's visit to Saudi Arabia is expected to be announced shortly.



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