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Multinational Air Exercise INIOCHOS 2024 Commences with Global Participation

Multinational Air Exercise INIOCHOS 2024 Commences with Global Participation

ANDRAVIDA, Greece - The multinational air exercise INIOCHOS 2024 has officially commenced at the Andravida Air Base in Greece. The exercise sees the participation of the Royal Saudi Air Force, along with air forces from several other brotherly and friendly nations.

Lieutenant Colonel Abdulaziz Al-Harbi, the commanding pilot of the Saudi team, confirmed that the Royal Saudi Air Force is participating with the Typhoon aircraft system, complete with its air, technical, and support crews. He highlighted the extensive preparations that have been undertaken over the past months to maximize the benefits of the exercise for all participating crews.

Lieutenant Colonel Al-Harbi explained that the primary objective of the exercise is to enhance the readiness and combat efficiency of the participating Air Force personnel. The exercise is designed to prepare them to carry out assigned tasks, train them to operate away from their main bases, and improve their skills by flying in diverse environments and topographies, amidst different systems and capabilities.

Al-Harbi emphasized that the exercise will involve several diverse combat air operations. These will be carried out with the participation of planning cells and command of air missions and campaigns. The exercise will also include missions of forward intelligence and air control during close air-support operations.

The commencement of INIOCHOS 2024 marks a significant milestone in international military cooperation and showcases the commitment of participating nations to global peace and security.

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