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MET GALA 2023: Everything You Need To Know About The Most Anticipated Fashion Event Of The Year

 Everything You Need To Know About The Most Anticipated Fashion Event Of The Year

If you are passionate about fashion and celebrities, you probably already know what MET GALA is. It is an annual event that takes place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and brings together the biggest stars, creatives and personalities from the fashion industry. It is the perfect opportunity to see the most spectacular outfits and beauty looks, which reflect the theme of the annual fashion exhibition organized by the Costume Institute. It is also an occasion to raise funds for this department of the museum, which deals with the conservation and promotion of fashion culture.

But what exactly is MET GALA? When does it take place? What is the theme for 2023? How can you watch the event? What are the best fashion looks from previous editions? Why is the event important for the world of fashion and entertainment? In this article, we will answer all these questions and give you all the information you need to know about the most anticipated fashion event of the year.

What is MET GALA?

MET GALA is short for Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, the official name of the event. It was created in 1948 by Eleanor Lambert, a fashion publicist who wanted to raise funds for the Costume Institute and encourage donations of clothes from American designers. Since then, the event has become one of the most important and prestigious fashion events in the world, attracting media and public attention.

The event is organized and presided over by Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, since 1995. She is the one who sets the theme, guest list and dress code for each year. She also appoints the hosts of the event, who are usually personalities from the world of fashion, film or music. The hosts for 2023 are Penelope Cruz, Michaela Coel, Roger Federer, Dua Lipa and Anna Wintour.

What Is The Theme For 2023?

The theme for 2023 is “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty” and will celebrate the world and life of Karl Lagerfeld (1033-2019) one of the most influential and prolific fashion designers in history. The exhibition will examine Lagerfeld’s stylistic vocabulary, expressed in aesthetic themes that appear time and again in his creations from the 1950s to his final collection in 2019. The exhibition will feature about 150 pieces, many of them accompanied by Lagerfeld’s sketches, which highlight his complex creative process and his collaborative relationship with premieres, or head seamstresses. Lagerfeld worked for renowned fashion houses such as Balmain, Patou, Chloe, Fendi, Chanel and his own brand, Karl Lagerfeld. The exhibition will be organized at The Met Fifth Avenue, in the Tisch Gallery, and will be open between May 5 and July 16, 2023.

The dress code for 2023 is “In Honor Of Karl”. This fits with the theme of the exhibition and with Lagerfeld’s style, which was known for its sober elegance and attention to detail. Since Lagerfeld designed for many fashion house – including his own brand, Patou, Balmain, Chloe, Fendi and Chanel – guests will have plenty of inspiration to choose from.

How Can You Watch MET GALA 2023?

Fans can follow all the action on Vogue’s livestream again for 2023. The red carpet will be lived-streamed on on May 1 throughout the night and will also be broadcasted live across the magazine’s digital platforms (as well as on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). It starts at 6:30 P.M. EST. This year’s livestream co-hosts are La La Anthony, Derek Blasberg, Chloe Fineman and special correspondent Emma Chamerlain.

What Are The Best Looks From MET GALA?

Over the years, MET GGALA has been the scene of iconic beauty transformations, which have sparked trends and made history. From Lady Gaga’s platinum bob hairstyle in 2019, to Rihanna’s transformed eyebrows in 2015, from, from Beyonce’s dark purple lips in 2014, to Nicki Minaj’s pink hair in 2012, stars have taken advantage of the occasion to express their personality and creative through makeup, hair and accessories

MET GALA has also been the scene of spectacular outfits, which have remained in the collective memory. From Rihanna’s yellow dress with a long train in 2015, to Cher’s silver buckle dress in 1985, from Cardi B’s pink feather dress in 2019, to Kim Kardashian’s transparent crystal dress in 2015, stars have won creations that reflected the theme of the exhibition and impressed with details and volume.

Why Is MET GALA Important?

MET GALA is an important event for the world of fashion, because it represents a platform for artistic expression and promotion for fashion culture. The event raises funds for the Costume Institute, which is the only department of the museum that has to self-finance its exhibitions and research. The exhibition are made with a lot of work and research by the curators of the Costume Institute and offer a new perspective on the history and culture of fashion. The theme for 2023 is “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty” and will celebrate the work and life of Karl Lagerfeld (1933 – 2019), one of the most influential and prolific fashion designers in history. The event will take place on May 1, 2023 and can be watched on Vogue’s livestream. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the most spectacular looks and moments from the most anticipated fashion event of the year.



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