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Makkah Buses Record 100,000 Users On Four Trial Routes

MAKKAH: The free trial phase of the Makkah Bus Project, which included the recently launched routes (6, 7A, 12 and 7) has been a success - recording 100,000 users since the start of the first trips on Feb.15.

The project's team worked from the Unified Center for Transport in Makkah to conduct technical tests and match them with the high standards of the program's requirements. This has resulted in a success that met the project's aims, while the service has been appreciated by Makkah's residents and visitors.

More than 40 bouses were made operational on the lanes every day, while an additional 40 buses were put on standby in case of a large number of users, especially during rush hour.

The operational hours of the trips exceeded 22 hours, with the first bus leaving 4 a.m. every day. The last trip of the day takes place at 2 a.m. The operating team consists of 500 employees, including drivers, operational staff, mechanics and a support team.



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