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Kate Middleton, Prince William Share New Picture Of Prince George Ahead Of His Ninth Birthday

PARIS, France - Kate Middleton and Prince William on Thursday shared a new picture of George to tout his birthday on Friday.

'George is turning9!' the couple wrote on Twitter, along with a birthday cake and ballon emoji. George was photographe on a beach in a light - blue polo shirt as he closely resembled his father.

The couple have released a picture of George ahead of every one of his birthdays.

On his first birthday, they released images of their family at London's National History Museum's butterfly exhibit.

George has sported a big grin in past birthday portraits. Last year, the young royal was sitting on the hood of a car and flashed a big smile in a blue orange stripped polo.

George may someday become the king of England after his father William and grandfather Prince Charles.

It reportedly wasn't long ago that George was told he's someday fill the position.

According to royal biographer Robert Lacey, George was told 'around' his seventh birthday that he's one day wear the crown.

George recently has an exciting day as he made his Wimbledon debut with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.



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