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Ithra's Arabic Poetry Festival Enthralls 10,000 Visitors with a Journey through Linguistic Tapestry

In a resounding affirmation of Arabic poetry's timeless allure, Ithra's Arabic Poetry Festival captivated a remarkable 10,000 attendees, transporting them into a realm of linguistic opulence and cultural heritage. Held from December 11-16, the event, under the evocative theme "Poet of Desert (Al-Baida)," paid homage to the life and works of the prodigious poet Al-Mutanabbi, whose verses continue to resonate with audiences across millennia.

The festival's captivating program unveiled a diverse tapestry of activities, including poetry recitations, thought-provoking panel discussions, insightful workshops, and immersive exhibitions. Renowned poets, scholars, and cultural luminaries graced the stage, sharing their profound understanding and unwavering passion for Arabic poetry. Visitors were further captivated by enchanting performances by traditional music ensembles, transporting them to the heart of the Arab world's rich cultural tapestry.

Stepping beyond the stage, the Ithra campus transformed into a vibrant hub for poetry enthusiasts, teeming with interactive installations and captivating storytelling sessions. Visitors were granted an immersive journey into the depths of Arabic poetry's rich history, exploring its evolution and profound influence on various artistic and literary expressions. Interactive installations encouraged active engagement, allowing visitors to craft their own verses and connect with the timeless tradition of Arabic poetry.

The resounding success of the Arabic Poetry Festival stands as a testament to Ithra's unwavering commitment to fostering cultural dialogue and nurturing artistic expression. The event's overwhelming popularity serves as a poignant reminder of Arabic poetry's enduring power to captivate audiences and inspire generations. As Ithra continues to host such enriching events, it further solidifies its position as a beacon of cultural engagement and a champion of linguistic diversity in Saudi Arabia and beyond.


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