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"Get Me Out Of Here...I'll Be Your Servant": Trapped Girl's Plea To Rescuers From Rubble Of Syrian

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

PARIS, France - - Two children life wedged between concrete, their heads pinned to one side, as rescuers reassure them that help has arrived 36 hours after a quake destroyed their home in northern Syria.

"Get me out of here, I'll do anything for you'', the older child whispers. ''I'll be your servant''.

A rescuer replies, ''No, no".

Video shows rescuers squatting in the rubble of the children's home in Besnaya - Bseineh, a small village near Haram, Syria, as they try to figure out a safe way to remove them.

They tell them to be strong and not to cry.

The girl's name is Mariam, and she gently strokes the hair on her younger sibling's head as they lie squashed together in what could be the remains of their bed. The younger child's name is Ilaaf, according to their father - an Islamic name that means protection.

Mustafa Zuhir Al - Sayed says his wife and three children were sleeping in the early hours of Monday when the earth shock with a 7.8 - magnitude quake, the biggest to hit the region in more then a century of records.

''We felt the ground shaking...and rubble began falling over our head, and we stayed two days under the rubble'', he said. ''We went through a feeling, a felling I hope no one has to feel''.


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