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FEI World Cup Series Finals 2024: Riyadh Welcomes Equestrian Excellence

FEI World Cup Series Finals 2024: Riyadh Welcomes Equestrian Excellence

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) has unveiled the highly anticipated lineup of participants for the 2024 FEI World Cup Series Finals in Dressage and Jumping. This historic occasion marks the first time these prestigious events will be hosted in the Middle East, specifically in Riyadh.

Top-Ranked Riders Vie for Glory

The release of the participant list has sent ripples of excitement through the equestrian community. Among the elite riders gracing the arena, the top six consecutive riders in the world rankings are set to compete. Leading the charge is the Swedish sensation, Henrik von Eckermann, the reigning titleholder. His formidable skills will be put to the test against fierce competitors, including:

  1. Isabell Werth (Germany): A name synonymous with dressage excellence.

  2. Steve Guerdat (Switzerland): A master of precision in show jumping.

  3. Julien Epaillard (France): Known for his electrifying performances.

  4. Kent Farrington (France): A force to be reckoned with in both disciplines.

Riyadh: The Grand Stage

From April 16th to 20th, Riyadh will witness the grandeur of equestrian sport as it hosts the largest finals in show jumping. The Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center will be transformed into an indoor arena, where riders and their magnificent steeds will vie for supremacy. The air will be charged with anticipation, and the audience will witness breathtaking displays of skill, precision, and harmony between horse and rider.

Beyond the Arena: A Unique Experience

The 2024 FEI World Cup Series Finals promise more than just thrilling competitions. An exclusive atmosphere awaits attendees, with an area dedicated to accompanying events for sponsors and participants. From elegant receptions to behind-the-scenes glimpses, this event is a celebration of equestrian excellence and camaraderie


Saudi Arabia’s Triumph

The decision to award Saudi Arabia the hosting rights for the world finals was made by the FEI in November 2019. This milestone cements Saudi Arabia as the 12th country to host the championship since its inception in 1978. As the 45th edition of the event unfolds, Riyadh stands ready to welcome the world with open arms.

Local Heroes Shine Bright

Among the 34 world-class riders, three Saudi representatives will proudly carry their nation’s flag:

  1. Ramzy Al-Duhami: An Olympic medalist with nerves of steel.

  2. Khaled Al-Mobty: His exceptional performances on the international stage earned him a coveted spot.

  3. Abdullah Al-Sharbatly: The man who clinched the Saudi team’s bronze medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

As the countdown begins, Riyadh prepares to witness equestrian history in the making. The 2024 FEI World Cup Series Finals promise unforgettable moments, fierce rivalries, and the enduring spirit of sportsmanship. Saddle up, Riyadh—the world is watching!



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