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Dubai Culture Unveils Ramadan Initiatives to Celebrate Holy Month

Dubai Culture Unveils Ramadan Initiatives to Celebrate Holy Month

The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has launched a comprehensive program of events and activities designed to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan. These initiatives contribute to the "Ramadan in Dubai" campaign, a groundbreaking collaboration between Dubai's public and private sectors.

"Ramadan Heroes" Initiative Encourages Charitable Giving

A cornerstone of the program is the "Ramadan Heroes" initiative, now in its fifth edition. This program, undertaken in partnership with the Emirates Red Crescent and talabat UAE, facilitates charitable contributions for Suhoor and Iftar meals, food parcels, and Eid clothing for underprivileged community members. Donations can be made seamlessly through a dedicated virtual charity platform on the talabat UAE application.

Shaima Rashid Al Suwaidi, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Dubai Culture, underscored the significance of "Ramadan Heroes" in strengthening social cohesion and promoting a culture of philanthropy. She commended the collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent and talabat UAE for its demonstrably positive societal impact.

"Ramadan Nights" Program Offers Cultural Experiences

Dubai Culture's "Ramadan Nights" program enriches the festive experience with cultural immersion. Held at the Etihad Museum, the initiative recently presented workshops and entertainment celebrating the UAE's contributions to the lunar space station project.

Throughout March, Al Shindagha Museum, the UAE's largest heritage institution, is hosting additional events. Visitors can engage in workshops on traditional crafts such as "Mukhawara" embroidery and "Safeefa" rug weaving. The Perfume House offers workshops on crafting scented candles and creating personalized fragrances.

Engaging Activities for Children and Community Gatherings

A range of engaging activities caters to children, providing opportunities to create artworks, learn henna design techniques, explore traditional jewelry making, and participate in Emirati games. The "Bu Tebaila Walk" revives the custom of "Steps of Suhoor," allowing families to join a guided tour while singing traditional songs.

In collaboration with EmpowerHer, a dedicated Ramadan Market has been established in the Al Shindagha neighborhood, showcasing a variety of handcrafted products by local artisans. The museum's Visitor Centre transforms into a communal space for Suhoor meals, featuring offerings from popular vendors like Chef Maitha, Dubai Food Babes, and Sultan Eats.

Through this comprehensive program, Dubai Culture fosters a vibrant and culturally enriching Ramadan experience for residents and visitors alike.



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