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World's First Nonprofit City Lies In Saudi Arabia's 'Mishraq'

PARIS, France - Following the big unveiling of the world's first nonprofit city in Riyadh on November 14, the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Nonprofit City announced that construction had kicked off at its first zone, 'Al Mishraq'.


Al Mishraq will be the second largest zone in the city, and a hub to connect it with a social space for business, living and entertainment. The region will contribute to incubating creative potential and motivating individuals to communicate, innovate, and market their ideas, as well as growing human capital. The first phase of Al Mishraq will develop 105,000 out of 680,000 sq m for retail, residence, business, and office space.


In remarks to Asharq Al - Awast, a senior official at Prince Mohammed bin Salman Nonprofit City revealed that 'the foundation of the Mishraq city consists of four phases and the timeframe of each phase will be announced soon'.

The first phase has already started with the announcement on Wednesday, according to the senior official, who also said Mishraq is expected to generate 12,000 job opportunities.

The city is set to sponsor creative arts, visual designs and innovations, and will provide various entertainment events for visitors and residents, as well as provide podiums for fashion shows. It will also open the door for international designers and brands to organize educational and innovative events.


Designed by renewed architecture from CallisonRTKL, the development embodies contemporary Salmani architecture inspired by the Kingdom's heritage and future. The city is modelled as a livable outdoor ecosystem that will serve a human - centered, linear open space that caters to the needs of all.


Al Mishraq will feature the Central Spine, a unique shaded pedestrian zone that integrates the latest environmentally conscious shading and cooling technologies, including a series of active cooling wind towers, to enhance thermal comfort for pedestrians all year round.

The central region also embraces many opportunities and choice that allow visitors to explore new technologies and products aimed at providing unique and exclusive, interactive experience.

In its statement, the company said it plans to develop the so - called 'knowledge economy' encouraging global partnership and exchanged cooperation in the fields of service and products.

The panned non - profit City will be located in the Irqah neighborhood, adjacent to Wadi Hanifa, Riyadh. It extends over 3.4 sq km and is considered the first - of - its - kind in the world.

Led by the MiSK Foundation, the city will adopt the digital twin concept, and is set to be an innovation center in the field of science and advanced systems.



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