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Winter Dormancy Prepares Taif Farms for Abundant Harvests

In the picturesque region of Taif, known for its breathtaking landscapes and fertile agricultural lands, farmers are gearing up for the imminent dormancy phase of various fruit-bearing trees. Almonds, apricots, pomegranates, grapes, and the renowned Taif roses are among the trees set to undergo essential care operations in preparation for the dormant winter months.

Lasting approximately three months, the dormancy period is a crucial time for farmers to conduct vital care operations on their orchards. These operations include meticulous tasks such as trimming, pruning, soil improvement, weed removal, fertilization, and pest control.

Agriculture experts emphasize the significance of these measures in helping plants acclimate to their environment, setting the stage for optimal growth and development during dormancy.

Winter dormancy, as explained by agricultural experts, is a period of tranquility for trees. It allows buds to burgeon and leaves to transition into a vibrant green as the arrival of spring unfolds. In the southern regions of Taif, fruit trees enter dormancy during the cold winter months, utilizing this time to replenish strength and vitality. The result is a surge in productivity once warmth and sunlight return.

The Maysan Governorate, particularly renowned for its diverse crops including grapes, pomegranates, berries, peaches, almonds, hazelnuts, and plums, witnesses a meticulous agricultural regimen during this dormancy period. Spanning over a 40-day timeframe, farmers initiate a series of tasks starting with fertilization and soil preparation, followed by pruning and pest control. Notably, irrigation is withheld during this crucial period.

This strategic approach to the dormancy season in Taif serves as a catalyst for vigorous vegetative growth, blossoming, and ultimately, bountiful fruit bearing. The careful orchestration of these agricultural activities ensures a robust and abundant crop production, contributing to Taif's reputation as a key player in the Kingdom's thriving agricultural landscape. As farmers diligently prepare their orchards for dormancy, the anticipation of a fruitful harvest looms, promising economic prosperity and the continuation of Taif's agricultural legacy.



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