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WHO Says Israel's Hospital Evacuation Orders Are "A Death Sentence For the Sick And Injured"

The World Health Organization called Israel's evacuation orders to hospitals in northern Gaza "a death sentence for the sick and injured".

Patients are forced to move and are cut off from life-saving medical attention while being evacuated, the WHO said in a statement on Saturday. They face imminent deterioration of their condition or death, the organization added.

"WHO strongly condemns Israel's repeated orders for the evacuation of 22 hospitals treating more than 2000 patients in northern Gaza. The forced evacuation of patients and health workers will further worsen the current humanitarian and public health catastrophe", the statement read.

It also said health facilities in norther Gaza continue to receive an influx of injured patients and are struggling to operate beyond maximum capacity.

"Some patients are being treated in corridors and outdoors in surrounding streets due to a lack of hospital beds", it added.

Hospital directors and health workers are also putting their own lives at risk while remaining on-site to treat patients or endanger their patients" lives while attempting to transform them to facilities with no capacity to receive them, the statement said.

There are verified reports of deaths of health workers and the destruction of health facilities, the statement said, nothing it "denies civilians the basic human right of life-saving health care and is prohibited under International Humanitarian Law".

"WHO calls for Israel to immediately reverse evacuation orders to hospitals in northern Gaza, and calls for the protection of health facilities, health workers, patients, and civilians", it said.



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