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Weather Alert Issued by National Center for Meteorology

JEDDAH, June 24, 2024 — The National Center for Meteorology has issued a weather alert for several regions across Saudi Arabia, forecasting a mix of strong winds, heavy rain, and high temperatures.

In the southwestern regions of Jazan, Asir, and Al-Baha, residents should prepare for strong winds accompanied by moderate to heavy rain and potential hail. These conditions are expected to persist throughout the day, posing risks of flash flooding and reduced visibility.

Meanwhile, in Makkah and Madinah, dust-stirring winds are predicted to sweep across the areas, potentially impacting air quality and visibility. Motorists and outdoor workers are advised to exercise caution.

In the Eastern Region and Riyadh, high temperatures are anticipated, making heat precautions essential for residents and visitors. Staying hydrated and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun are strongly recommended.

Marine conditions are also expected to be affected. Over the Red Sea, winds will be northwesterly to westerly, with speeds ranging from 15 to 50 km/h in the southern parts. Wave heights may vary from half a meter to two and a half meters, resulting in sea conditions ranging from calm to choppy.

In the Arabian Gulf, winds will shift from southwesterly to northwesterly, at speeds of 8 to 25 km/h. Wave heights are expected to be between half a meter and one meter, keeping the sea relatively calm.

The National Center for Meteorology urges all residents and maritime operators to stay informed about the latest weather updates and heed safety advisories to mitigate potential risks associated with these adverse weather conditions.



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