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US Has No Intention Of Sending Combat Troops To Israel Or Gaza, Harris Says

Vice President Kamala Harris said in an interview that the US has "absolutely no intention" of sending American combat troops into Israel or Gaza amid fears over a wider regional conflict.

"We have absolutely no intention, nor do we have any plans, to send combat troops into Israel or Gaza", period", Harris said in an interview with CBS" "60 Minutes" that aired Sunday.

Harris, who has been included in briefings and phone calls on the Middle East crisis, closely stuck to the administration's approach: "Supporting Israel's right to defend itself while also calling for the protection of civilians.

"By most estimates, at least 1,400 Israelis are dead. Israel, without any question, has a right to defend itself", she said. "That being said, it is very important that there be no conflation between Hamas and the Palestinians. The Palestinians deserve equal measures of safety and security, self-determination and dignity, and we have been very clear that the rules of war must be adhered to and that there be humanitarian aid that flows".



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