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UAE Condemns Israeli Violations in Gaza, Urges Immediate Ceasefire and Humanitarian Aid

UAE Condemns Israeli Violations in Gaza, Urges Immediate Ceasefire and Humanitarian Aid

Abu Dhabi, May 27, 2024 — The United Arab Emirates has issued a strong condemnation of the ongoing Israeli violations in the Gaza Strip, particularly the recent targeting of refugee tents, which has resulted in dozens of deaths and injuries to innocent civilians.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) denounced the attacks and underscored the importance of reaching an immediate ceasefire, providing protection for civilians, and preventing further loss of life.

The UAE emphasized the necessity of adhering to the measures outlined in the recent decision by the International Court of Justice, which demands that Israel immediately halt military operations in the Rafah governorate. The decision also addresses the need to mitigate the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza and maintain the Rafah crossing open for the widespread distribution of humanitarian aid.

"The international community must intensify efforts to halt the escalation in all regions of the Occupied Palestinian Territory," the Ministry urged. "It is crucial to alleviate the critical and deepening humanitarian catastrophe faced by civilians in Gaza due to continuous Israeli aggression."

The UAE's statement also highlighted the significance of ensuring that humanitarian and relief aid can reach the Gaza Strip urgently, sustainably, and without impediment.

This call from the UAE adds to the growing international demand for a ceasefire and heightened humanitarian efforts in Gaza. The latest Israeli airstrikes have exacerbated the already dire situation for civilians, prompting urgent appeals for global intervention.

Saudi Arabia Breaking News will continue to monitor and report on this developing story, providing updates on the international response and the situation on the ground in Gaza.



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