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Tragedy Unfolds in Central Gaza as Israeli Airstrikes Claim 13 Lives

Tragedy Unfolds in Central Gaza as Israeli Airstrikes Claim 13 Lives

In a devastating overnight Israeli airstrike in central Gaza, at least 13 people lost their lives, as reported by a staff member at Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital. The strike, which tragically hit a home in al-Zawaida in Deir al Balah, resulted in the untimely demise of all 13 individuals inside, including children. Dr. Khalil Al Dikran, the head of nursing at the hospital, conveyed this grim news to a CNN journalist on the scene.

The journalist, present at Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital on Tuesday morning, took stock of the situation and counted a total of 44 bodies in the morgue tent, which were being prepared for burial. This count included the 13 individuals who had tragically lost their lives in the overnight airstrike.

Further details revealed that other casualties had been inflicted in airstrikes on Monday afternoon, targeting two homes and a wedding hall that was being used as a shelter for displaced residents who had fled northern Gaza, according to Dr. Al Dikran. These Monday airstrikes, which occurred in central Gaza, led to the unfortunate loss of 31 lives.

This recent series of tragic events serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing conflict in the region and the human toll it exacts on the lives of innocent civilians. Our hearts go out to the families affected by this devastating loss.



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