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THE MET GALA 2023: How The Stars Sparkled With Their Jewelry Choices

The MET GALA 2023 was a night to remember, as stars from all over the world gathered to celebrate the legacy of Karl Lagerfeld, the legendary designer who passed away in 2019. The theme of the event was “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty’’, and the guests paid tribute to his iconic style and influence in various ways. Some wore pieces from his collections for Balmain, Patau, Chloe, Fendi, Chanel, and his own label, while others interpreted his signature elements such as tweed, pearls, safety pins, and black-and-white contrast.

But the gowns and styles of the evening were not the only things that dazzled. The celebrities also accessorized their outfits with stunning jewelry that added sparkle and glamour to their looks. From diamonds and pearls to morganites and crystals, the jewelry choices were diverse and impressive. Here are some of the celebrities who stood out on the red carpet with their sparkling accessories.

Priyank Chopra wore a Bulgari necklace featuring the Laguna Blue diamond, an 11-carat fancy vivid blue diamond that is the largest Bulgari blue diamond to be offered for sale. The necklace also featured round brilliant-cut diamonds and pear-shaped diamonds. She also wore two pairs of High Jewelry diamond earrings by the same brand. The Laguna Blue diamond is a rare and exquisite gem that will be auctioned by Sotheby’s in May. Its current appraisal value sits at over $25 million.

Dua Lipa wore a Tiffany & Co. necklace featuring over 200 carats of diamonds, including a large radiant-cut pendant. She also wore a Schlumberger Sixteen Stone ring and a nine-carat ring with three oval-cut stones by the same brand. The necklace was a statement piece that complemented her colorful Versace gown. The Schlumberger ring was inspired by one of Lagerfeld’s favorite flowers, the camellia.

Kate Moss wore a vintage Tiffany & Co. Necklace from 1997, featuring three rows of diamonds connected by large chain links. She also wore a pair of drop earrings and an 11-carat cocktail ring with morganite by the same brand. The necklace was a nod to Lagerfeld’s love for chains and his collaboration with Chanel’s Métiers d’Art. The earrings and ring added a touch of pink to her black gown.

Serena William wore two pearl necklaces by Tiffany & Co., featuring multiple strands of Akoya cultured pearls and South Sea pearls. She also wore pearl earrings, bracelets, and rings by the same brand. The pearls were a homage to Lagerfeld affinity for pearls and his reinvention of tweed for Chanel. The pearls also contrasted nicely with her black Gucci gown with a white train and cuffs.

Florence Pugh wore two pairs of pearl and diamond earrings, as well as a pearl and round diamond tennis bracelet set in platinum, all by Tiffany & Co. The pearls were a homage to Lagerfeld’s love for pearls and his iconic white hair. The diamonds added some sparkle to her white Prada gown with fur trim.

Jennifer Lopez wore a Ralph Lauren Collection gown with a major hat that was embellished with Harry Winston diamonds. She also wore Piferi platforms and more Harry Winston diamonds. The hat was a reference to Lagerfeld’s love for Western-inspired fashion and his collaboration with Chanel’s Métiers d’Art. The diamonds added some shine to her pale pink satin and black velvet gown.

Kim Kardashian wore a custom Schiaparelli creation by Daniel Roseberry, featuring a draped skirt and top made from over 50,000 freshwater pearls and over 16,000 crystals. She also wore a pearl choker and ring by the same designer. The pearls and crystals were a nod to Lagerfeld’s Avant-grade aesthetic and his fascination with masks.

Cardi B wore a custom ballgown by Dolce & Gabbana, featuring a rosette-embellished skirt, a yoke inspired by Lagerfeld’s signature look, and a platinum wig. She also wore Lorrain Schwartz jewelry and Christian Louboutin shoes. The gown was a tribute to Lagerfeld’s love for flowers and his iconic white hair.

The MET GALA was a night to honor the genius of Karl Lagerfeld, but it was also a night to showcase the beauty and creativity of jewelry. The celebrities who attended the event did not disappoint with their sparkling choices that added glamour and personality to their looks.



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