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Switzerland Will Adopt Further EU Sanctions On Russia

GENEVA - Switzerland will adopt the new European Union sanctions on Russia and freeze the assets of more people with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the government announced Friday in a statement.

The newly adopted measures concern certain goods and financial services, the government said in a statement, adding that Switzerland's list of sanctions has been extended accordingly.

According to the government, the implementation of these sanctions is compatible with Switzerland's neutrality.

'The export of all dual - use items to Russia is now prohibited, regardless of their end - use or end - user. In addition, the export of goods that could contribute to Russia's military and technological enhancement or the development of the defence and security sector is prohibited', the government said, adding that 'it is also prohibited to provide technical assistance, brokering services of financing'.

'The export to Russia of certain goods and services in the oil sector is no longer permitted. Furthermore, the export of certain goods and technology that can be used in aviation and the space industry is prohibited', the government also said.

Transactions with the Russian Central Bank are also no longer permitted.

The government has also decided 'to add the individuals on the list of persons adopted by the EU on 28 February to Annex 8 of the Ordinance and thereby freeze the assets of further persons with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin'.



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