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Snowfall Delights Visitors in Trojena Mountains, NEOM

The picturesque peaks of the Trojena Mountains, nestled in central NEOM, transformed into a winter wonderland as a blanket of snow descended on Friday. Locals and tourists alike flocked to the region's picnic spots to revel in the rare snowfall, capturing breathtaking moments to share on social media.

The Saudi Press Agency's lens immortalized the joy radiating from the faces of those who ventured to witness the spectacle. Standing tall at approximately 2,600 meters above sea level, the Trojena Mountains boast some of Saudi Arabia's loftiest peaks, drawing visitors some 50 kilometers inland from the Gulf of Aqaba's coast.

The magical scene serves as a reminder of nature's beauty, captivating hearts and lenses alike amidst the serene landscape of NEOM.



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