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Saudia Wins Two Prestigious Awards at The Sustainable Flight Challenge 2023

Saudia, the esteemed national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, has been recognized with two coveted awards at The Sustainable Flight Challenge (TSFC) 2023, marking the airline's commitment to sustainability and innovation. In its second edition, this prestigious event, organized by the global aviation alliance SkyTeam, witnessed the participation of 22 international airlines from around the world.

Saudia's notable achievements at TSFC 2023 included being honored with the "Most Innovative Ground Operations" award and the "Best Employee Engagement and Collaboration" award. These accolades underscore the airline's dedication to excellence and its pursuit of sustainable practices in the aviation industry.

Saudia has consistently demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship, efficiency, and employee engagement, aligning itself with the ambitious goals of Vision 2030, which places sustainability at the forefront of its vision for the future. These awards recognize not only Saudia's commitment to sustainability but also its innovative and collaborative approach to addressing the challenges facing the aviation sector.

As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability and the promotion of eco-friendly practices in the aviation industry, Saudia is proud to announce that it will host The Sustainable Flight Challenge Awards in the coming year. This decision reinforces the airline's substantial contributions to the field of sustainability and further underscores its role as a pioneer in driving innovative initiatives within the aviation industry.

Captain Ibrahim Koshy, CEO of Saudia, expressed his pride in the airline's achievements and its dedication to sustainability-driven initiatives. He stated, "Saudia's unwavering dedication to engaging in and executing sustainability-driven initiatives within the aviation industry is closely aligned with its new identity and vision for the future. This commitment also aligns with the Vision 2030 ambitious goals, where sustainability stands at the forefront."

Captain Koshy further emphasized the significance of hosting the next Sustainable Flight Challenge Awards, noting that it not only serves as a testament to Saudia's substantial contributions to the field but also acts as a catalyst for pioneering innovative initiatives.

The Sustainable Flight Challenge Awards evaluate all aspects of an airline's performance, encompassing various areas from ground operations to destination arrival. The objective is to identify effective, adaptable, and applicable measures that can enhance sustainability, both in commercial and cargo flights. Saudia's recognition in these categories demonstrates its ongoing efforts to lead the industry in sustainable practices, fostering a more environmentally conscious and efficient future for aviation.



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