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Saudi Nationals Can Visit Singapore Without Visa From June 1

Saudi Nationals Can Visit Singapore Without Visa From June 1

PARIS, France - Starting from June 1, 2023, Saudi nationals will no longer need a visa to enter Singapore, according to the Singaporean embassy in Riyadh. This means that they can travel to the Southwest Asian city-state for business or social visits without applying for an entry visa beforehand.

The visa exemption is part of the efforts to enhance bilateral relations and promote tourism and trade between the two countries. Singapore and Saudi Arabia have strong ties in various fields, such as energy, infrastructure, education and health.

Saudi nationals who wish to visit Singapore will still need to comply with the entry requirements and advisories of the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). They will also need to submit an SG Arrival Card online before arriving in Singapore.

The visa exemption will benefit Saudi travelers who want to explore Singapore's diverse attractions, such as its modern skyline, cultural heritage, green spaces and gastronomic delights. Singapore is also a regional hub for business, trade and innovation, offering opportunities for collaboration and investment.



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