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Saudi Falcons Club's Auctions Soar, Yielding Over SAR 3 Million

Saudi Falcons Club's Auctions Soar, Yielding Over SAR 3 Million

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - The Saudi Falcons Club has proven once again to be a haven for both falcon enthusiasts and auction aficionados as their 17-day auction event, held at the club's headquarters in Malham, north of Riyadh, reached new heights in its latest edition. With a large and fervent turnout, the auction has not only captured the attention of local and regional falconers but has also yielded a staggering sum, exceeding SAR 3 million.

In a testament to the enduring popularity of falconry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, four magnificent falcons found new homes today, collectively contributing SAR 385,000 to the auction's overall tally. The figures, a reflection of the fervor that falconry continues to inspire, have propelled the total sales to a remarkable SAR 3,232,000, underscoring the strong demand for these majestic birds.

The success of the Saudi Falcons Club's auctions is not just a spectacle; it is a vital source of funding for the continued support and investment in falcons, a commitment that ensures the preservation and promotion of this ancient art. The funds generated are also instrumental in organizing further auctions and streamlining the buying and selling processes for falcons, fostering a thriving community of falconers in the Kingdom and beyond.

One distinguishing feature of these auctions is the Saudi Falcons Club's dedication to providing comprehensive services to falcon owners. This includes housing and transportation facilities that make it not only convenient but also a holistic experience for those participating in the auction.

What sets this event apart is the reach it has achieved. The auctions are not confined to the local gathering at the club; they are also broadcast live on television channels, allowing a broader audience to witness the spirited bidding and the magnificent birds that take center stage. Additionally, the club's active presence on social media ensures that enthusiasts and falcon lovers from all over the world can follow and participate in these auctions.

The Saudi Falcons Club's auctions stand as a remarkable testament to the profound cultural and heritage significance of falconry in Saudi Arabia and the wider region. The passion for these majestic birds, deeply rooted in history, is thriving, and the club's auctions are a platform that brings the falconry community together.

As the auctions continue, one can expect to see more impressive sales, more devoted falconers, and ultimately, the continued growth and preservation of this cherished tradition. The Saudi Falcons Club's unwavering commitment to promoting and preserving art of falconry is, without a doubt, exemplified by the soaring success of its auctions, enriching both the cultural heritage and the economic landscape of the Kingdom.



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