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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Strongly Condemns Gaza War at Joint Arab-Islamic Summit

Riyadh, November 11, 2023 - Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman delivered a resolute denouncement of the ongoing conflict in Gaza during his opening remarks at the Joint Arab-Islamic Extraordinary Summit held in Riyadh on Saturday. Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, the Crown Prince declared that the Kingdom "categorically rejects" the war unfolding in Palestine.

Addressing the assembled leaders and delegates, Prince Mohammed bin Salman stated, "This summit is being held under exceptional and painful circumstances…we categorically reject this brutal war that our brothers and sisters are being subjected to in Palestine…we renew our demand for an immediate cessation of military operations."

The Crown Prince highlighted the devastating impact of the conflict, citing the loss of thousands of civilian lives due to Israeli airstrikes and the destruction of essential infrastructure, including hospitals and places of worship. Characterizing the situation as a "humanitarian catastrophe," he pointedly criticized the United Nations Security Council and the international community for their failure to curb Israeli violations of international laws, norms, and humanitarian principles.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman called for a "coordinated collective effort to take effective action" in response to the crisis in Gaza. He specifically demanded the establishment of humanitarian corridors to ensure the delivery of aid to civilians trapped in the conflict zone.

"The Kingdom affirms its categorical rejection of the continuation of aggression, occupation, and forced displacement of the population of Gaza. It also confirms that the occupying authority is responsible for the crimes committed against the Palestinian people," the Crown Prince declared.

In a forward-looking stance, Prince Mohammed bin Salman asserted that achieving "lasting peace" necessitates ending the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. He advocated for the establishment of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem designated as its capital. The Crown Prince's statements underscore Saudi Arabia's commitment to finding a just and comprehensive resolution to the longstanding and deeply entrenched issues in the region. The outcomes of the summit are anticipated to shape collective efforts toward mitigating the crisis in Gaza and advancing the cause of peace in the Middle East.


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