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Saudi Arabia to Host World Endurance Championship 2026: A Triumph for Saudi Equestrianism

In a significant announcement today, the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) declared that Saudi Arabia has been selected as the host for the World Endurance Championship 2026. The decision comes following the Kingdom's submission of a comprehensive hosting bid in September, affirming Saudi Arabia's growing prominence in the world of equestrian sports.

The eagerly anticipated championship will unfold in the AlUla Governorate, under the vigilant supervision of the Saudi Equestrian Federation and the Royal Commission for AlUla. The Kingdom's commitment to fostering equestrian excellence is underscored by this prestigious hosting opportunity, reflecting the nation's dedication to showcasing its capabilities on the global stage.

The International Equestrian Federation and members of the General Assembly commended the Saudi Equestrian Federation for its unwavering efforts, praising the meticulous planning and execution of the hosting bid. This recognition further solidifies Saudi Arabia's status as a key player in the international equestrian community.

The upcoming World Endurance Championship adds another illustrious chapter to Saudi Arabia's equestrian success story. The Kingdom has previously played host to major events that have garnered international acclaim. Notably, the AlUla Governorate is set to welcome the Horseback Archery World Cup next December, offering another thrilling showcase of equestrian skill and tradition.

Looking ahead, Riyadh is gearing up to host the World Cup for Show Jumping and Dressage in April 2024, reinforcing Saudi Arabia's commitment to fostering a rich equestrian culture and attracting top-tier competitions to its shores.

The selection of Saudi Arabia as the host for the World Endurance Championship 2026 not only signifies a triumph for the Kingdom's equestrian prowess but also marks a milestone in the nation's journey to becoming a global hub for premier sporting events. As preparations unfold, anticipation builds for an event that will undoubtedly showcase the best of Saudi hospitality, infrastructure, and equestrian excellence on the world stage.



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