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Saudi Arabia To Host LEAP Tech Conference To Address Future Challenges

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia will host the global technology conference LEAP on Feb.1 to 3 in Riyadh to address future challenges, as it consolidates its digital regional and global leadership.

Targeting the attendance of 40,000 local and international visitors, the conference will involve over 350 speakers from 80 countries, as well as 700 innovators and start - ups from around the world.

Held under the theme 'One Eye on the Stars', LEAP is organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology with the cooperation of the Saudi Federation for Cyber Security, Programming and Drones.

It will address future energy technologies that will enhance the region's leadership in oil and has sectors and the impact of technology on the development of energy sources.

Additionally, LEAP will tackle other topics, including healthcare technologies, to improve the quality of life and increase life expectancy, empowering humans through robots and technologies that enhance food and water security in the region.

The conference will attract international investments into the Kingdom and accelerate digital transformation by developing and adopting the latest technologies and communications solutions, according to the chairman of the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Faisal bin Saud al - Khamisi.

On the sidelines, the start - up pitch competition Rocket Fuel will be held between 90 technology stat - ups to win funding prizes worth a total of $1 million.



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