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Saudi Arabia's King Salman Wishes Muslims A Blessed Eid Al - Fitr: Full Transcript

PARIS, France - Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz wished Muslims around the world a blessed Eid Al - Fitr, state news agency agency SPA reported on Sunday.

Saudi Arabia announced on Saturday that Eid al - Fitr will officially begin on May 2.

Find below the full transcript of the King's speech:

'In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most gracious.

Praise be to Allah's prayer and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad.

Dear citizens and residents, in our dear country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Muslim all over the world.

May Allah's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

We are pleased to congratulate on the blessings be upon you.

We are pleased to congratulate you on the blessed Eid Al - Fitr from the vicinity of the Grand Holy Mosque. And every year, you are very well. And may Allah turn back to us and you Eid as we enjoy security, safety, health and happiness, and protect our country and the countries of the world from all evil and harm.

We thank Allah for what bestowing upon us and you of fasting and performing night prayers in the holy month of Ramadan, praying for accepting from us all the good deeds, as He is All - Hearing and All - Responsive.

We also thank Allah that we have reached the happy Eid Al - Fitr, we hope that Allah Almighty will delight out hearts with Eid and help us all to achieve the purposes of the blessed Eid by showing happiness and joy.

Allah has made Eid an opportunity for the sublimity of morals, harmony, fraternity, tolerance and forgiveness.

Dear citizens,

The great honor that Allah has bestowed on our country is by serving the Two Holy Mosques, ensuring the comfort of pilgrims, Umrah performers and visitors, and providing them with the best services, which is a source of pride for all of us, and we strive dearly in fulfillment of the responsibility that Allah has chosen us for it, and in a sense of holiness of this great duty. And we thank Allah for having succeeded in continuing this great work. Since the era of the founder late King Abdulaziz, this country has followed him under the leadership of his sons the kings after him. And we are still and remain proud, and we are honored to continue the mission with the highest efficiency and distinction.

It was by Allah's grace that the Kingdom re - allowed the use of the full capacity at the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet's Holy Mosque, and we were pleased with Allah's help for large numbers of Umrah performers, worshipers, and visitors visiting the Two Holy Mosques in the holy month of Ramadan. And we thank Allah Who enabled us to work at the highest levels of responsibility, seriousness and innovation in facing the pandemic, and mitigating its effects, which bore positive fruits on most aspects of life, and thanks to Allah first, then to workers in all sectors, and to citizens and residents, who showed high awareness, great commitment and speed in response to the directives and instruction that were associated with the pandemic.

In conclusion, we are proud of our brave heroes, and those stationed on the frontiers, and we thank our citizens, who work sincerely in the military and civilian sectors, praying to Allah Almighty to grand us success in all good deeds, and to protect our country from all evil.

May Allah bless you on your Eid, and crown our and your steps with all success.

May Allah's peace, mercy and blessing be upon'.



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