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Saudi Arabia's Devotion to Camels: A Symbol of Tradition and Modern Investment

Saudi Arabia's Devotion to Camels: A Symbol of Tradition and Modern Investment

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia — In a land where history and tradition intertwine, the camel stands as an enduring symbol of Saudi Arabia's rich cultural heritage. Recognizing the vital role camels have played in the lives of its people, the Saudi government dedicates extensive resources to the care and preservation of these majestic animals. This commitment underscores the deep connection between camels and the Saudi identity, a bond that dates back to ancient times.

In a global acknowledgment of the significance of camels, the United Nations has declared June 22 as World Camel Day. This recognition celebrates the historical importance of camels, which have been instrumental in ensuring food security through their products of high nutritional value. Further emphasizing their global significance, the UN has designated 2024 as the International Year of Camelids.

Saudi Arabia's proactive involvement in the preservation of camels is a testament to the country's dedication to safeguarding its civilizational, historical, and cultural identity. This dedication is particularly evident in regions like Tabuk, where camels are not only a symbol of tradition but also a vital national resource.

Tabuk is home to a renowned field, established in 1407 AH, that serves as a hub for the celebration and conservation of Arabian camels. This field is famous for organizing seasonal races and official celebrations, playing a pivotal role in the cultural calendar of the Kingdom. With over 900 stables and more than 10,000 camels, this facility supports winter and summer races and breeding programs, ensuring the continued vitality of camel populations.

The Saudi government's efforts extend beyond mere preservation; they encompass the nurturing of camels through various initiatives aimed at improving breeding practices and enhancing the overall well-being of these animals. This holistic approach ensures that camels remain an integral part of the nation's heritage and a source of pride for future generations.

As the world turns its attention to the significance of camels, Saudi Arabia stands at the forefront of efforts to honor and preserve these animals. Through dedicated care and strategic initiatives, the Kingdom continues to celebrate its historical ties to camels, ensuring that this cherished symbol of tradition remains vibrant and robust in the modern era.

Photo source: SPA



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