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Saudi Arabia Removes Barriers Around Kaaba

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia on Tuesday removed barriers that were placed around the Kaaba just in time for Umrah season, President of the General Presidency for the Affair of the Two Mosques Dr. Abdulraham bin Abdulaziz al - Sudais announce in a statement.

The barriers had been placed during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the Kingdom's preventative measures.

Al - Sudais said that the decision to remove the protective barriers reflects on the leadership's interest in facilitating the holy journey for visitors and to provide the safest spiritual environment for them.

'The presidency is working with all sectors operating at the Grand Mosque to welcome pilgrims and to provide them with all services based on the leadership's aspirations', Al - Sudais said in the statement.

The Umrah season started on July 30 comes at a time when Saudi Arabia eased measures previously taken to face the coronavirus pandemic.



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