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Saudi Arabia Condemns Ankara Terror Attack, Expresses Solidarity With Turkey

Saudi Arabia Condemns Ankara Terror Attack, Expresses Solidarity With Turkey

Ankara, Turkey Saudi Arabia’s leadership, including Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has unequivocally condemned the recent terrorist attack in the Turkish capital, Ankara. In separate cables addressed to the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Saudi leaders expressed their heartfelt condemnation of the act of terror and extended their unwavering support to the Turkish nation.

The terrorist attack, which unfolded on a Sunday, involved a suicide bomber detonating an explosive device at the entrance of Turkey’s interior ministry, resulting in injuries to two police officers. The attack prompted a swift response from Turkish authorities, who announced on Monday that they had conducted airstrikes on suspected Kurdish military targets in northern Iraq.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a militant group that maintains bases in northern Iraq, subsequently claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing, according to a news agency closely associated with the rebel organization.

In their cables to President Erdogan, King Salman, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman conveyed the Kingdom’s solidarity with Turkey and its people, reiterating their condemnation of terrorism in all its forms. Additionally, they expressed their sincere wishes for the swift recovery of those injured in the attack.

The Saudi leaders’ condemnation underscores the importance of international cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the need for a united front to combat acts of violence that threaten the safety and security of nations. The Kingdom’s unwavering serves as a symbol of solidarity with Turkey in this challenging time.

The terrorist attack in Ankara stands as a stark reminder of the global challenges posed by acts of terrorism and violence. The international community’s collective condemnation of such acts is a testament to its commitment to preserving peace and security on a global scale.



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