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RAMADAN 2023: Saudi Arabia Has Called On Muslim In The Kingdom To Sight Crescent Moon On Tuesday

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia's Supreme Court has called on all Muslims in the Kingdom to sight the Ramadan crescent moon on Tuesday evening.

The moon sight is expected on Tuesday evening, 28/8. 1444 ah, in the Umm Al-Qura calendar, which corresponds to March 21, according to state-run news agency SPA.

The Supreme Court asks the people who see it with the naked eyes or through binoculars to notify the nearest court to record the testimony there or contact the nearest centre to help them get to the nearest court.

Ramadan is a significant month in the Islamic calendar, observed by millions of Muslims around the world with fasting, prayer, and charitable acts.

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar. With 12 months and either 354 or 355 days in the Islamic year the corresponding date is slightly different each year.

Ramadan 2023 will only officially begin when a moon -sighting committee confirms it has seen the crescent moon.


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