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Qiddiya Investment Company Unveils Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium: A Revolutionary Hub for Sports, Entertainment, and Culture

In a groundbreaking announcement, the Board of Directors of the Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) has revealed the launch of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium, a futuristic multi-use venue poised to redefine the traditional stadium experience. Strategically located in Qiddiya City atop the awe-inspiring 200m-high Tuwaiq cliff, a mere 40 minutes from Riyadh, this iconic stadium is set to become a global destination, captivating visitors with its immersive design and cutting-edge technological features.

The Managing Director of Qiddiya Investment Company, Abdullah bin Nasser Aldawood, emphasized the significance of the stadium in realizing Qiddiya City's ambition to be a global hub for entertainment, sports, and culture. Aldawood stated, "Our ambition is for Qiddiya City to become a global destination for entertainment, sports, and culture, and this iconic new stadium will be at its very heart."

Designed by the esteemed global architectural firm Populous, the stadium is poised to be the world's first fully integrated venue with a combined retractable roof, pitch, and LED wall. This architectural marvel offers unparalleled versatility, transforming the space into different "event modes" within hours. The LED wall serves as a portal to live event broadcasts, high-definition films, and laser shows, promising a novel and immersive experience for visitors.

Guests at the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium can indulge in a myriad of spectacles, including football, boxing, esports, concerts, and theater performances, all in a single day. Cutting-edge technology, such as holographic displays, will provide fans with instant access to live data and virtual interactions with celebrities and stars.

The stadium is strategically positioned as a central venue in an urban entertainment district, offering direct access to Qiddiya City’s vibrant Gaming & Esport District and other city entertainment options. With convenient transportation choices, including park ’n ride and drop-off zones, and proximity to shopping, dining, and entertainment spaces, the stadium promises an extended play experience for visitors.

The 45,000-seat multi-functional stadium is slated to be the home ground for Saudi Pro League football clubs Al-Hilal and Al-Nassr. It is also a proposed venue for the Kingdom’s 2034 FIFA World Cup bid and is expected to host major sports events, including the Saudi King Cup, the Asian Cup, and potentially the 2034 Asian Games.

One of the stadium's notable features is its ability to host events year-round in climate-controlled facilities, utilizing an eco-friendly cooling lake built directly under the stadium. This innovative approach aims to reduce energy consumption through rainwater capture, aligning with eco-friendly principles.

The unveiling of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium aligns with the recent transformation of Qiddiya, reaffirming its vision to become a global destination for entertainment, sports, and culture, with a focus on the Power of Play philosophy. As a key component of Vision 2030, the stadium is anticipated to play a pivotal role in driving tourism, creating jobs, and contributing to the realization of a vibrant society and a thriving economy.

With an estimated 1.8 million annual visits, the stadium is set to become a cornerstone in achieving Vision 2030's ambitious targets. More announcements are anticipated in the coming weeks, building on the momentum generated by Qiddiya City's world-first multi-use Gaming & Esports District.



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