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Qatar World Cup To Begin One Day Earlier Than Planned - Sources

PARIS, France - The World Cup in Qatar will kick - off a day earlier than scheduled if FIFA's ruling bureau agree to a plan to hold the opening ceremony and the host nation's first match on Sunday Nov.20th, a source close to the discussion told Reuters.

The original plan was for the opening ceremony to be held before Qatar's game on Nov.21 against Ecuador - which created the unusual situation of two matches being held before the ceremony.

Normally the ceremony is conducted before the kick - off of the first game of the tournament.

The switch to a Nov.20 opening ceremony and game would allow the Senegal - Netherlands match, scheduled for 1300 local time on Nov.21, to kick off later in the day. The Group B matches on that day, which also include the United Stares v Wales, would by unaffected.

Another source close to the proposal said the switch could be confirmed as early as Thursday and that the plan was to ensure that fans did not have to pay for any changes to flights or accommodation.

'The financial impact to fans has been assessed and that any additional costs to fans will be absorbed by organisers, but it is unclear who will bear these costs, whether it is FIFA, Qatar's Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy or another entity', said the source.

'There will be an assurance for organisers that any additional costs for fans to change travel booking or accommodation won't be borne by them and this will be assessed on a case - by case basis', the source added.

It was not clear what the mechanism will be to manage any compensation for fans.



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