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Protests Erupt In European Cities To Condemn Russia's Strikes

PARIS, France - People took to the streets in several European cities on Monday night to protest Russia's large-scale missile strikes across Ukraine earlier in the day and show support for the civilians under fire.

Hundreds gathered in the Czech Republic's capital, Prague, bearing flags and banners.

'We need modern air defense systems', read on a handwritten sign. Other demonstrators wrapped themselves in the Ukrainian flag and carried crosses painted in its colors and labeled with the names of Ukrainian cities.

In Poland, scores turned out in Karkov to show solidarity with Ukraine, packing into the city's main square. Outside the Russian embassy in Warsaw, protesters lit yellow and blue flares - Ukraine's colors - and unfurled a giant Ukrainian flag.

Protests were also reported outside the Russian embassy in Rome; in Vienna; in Cologne, Germany; in Tbilisi, Georgia; and in Bucharest, Romania.



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