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Princess Haifa bin Mohammed Announces Milestones in Tourism Sector Employment

Princess Haifa bin Mohammed Announces Milestones in Tourism Sector Employment

In a significant revelation, Vice Minister of Tourism Princess Haifa bint Mohammed bin Saud bin Khalid has unveiled that 925,000 individuals are currently employed in Saudi Arabia's burgeoning tourism sector, with a notable 45% of them being women. Her announcement underscores the remarkable strides made in empowering human capital and fostering gender inclusivity within the industry.

Princess Haifa made these remarks during her participation in the 'Creating a Future-proof Workforce in the Tourism Industry and Beyond' dialogue session, held as part of the Human Capacity Initiative Conference in Riyadh. Notable figures joining her in the discussion included Dr. Christina Yan Zhang, CEO of the Metaverse Institute; Alistair Gosling, founder of EXTREME International; Hanin Al-Subaie, founder of the Darent application; and Mohammed Al-Mulhim, founder of Pangea Tourism and Adventure Company.

Highlighting insights from the World Economic Forum, Princess Haifa emphasized that technology will significantly shape the future of jobs, with 33% of global employment expected to undergo transformation. She stressed the importance of reskilling and skill development to adapt to these changes, particularly in the tourism sector, where technology is poised to revolutionize operations.

During the session, speakers emphasized the pivotal role of technology in enhancing tourism experiences and attracting diverse segments of tourists. Virtual reality was highlighted as a tool with immense potential to augment real-world experiences, underscoring the need for investment in future-focused opportunities.

Moreover, the speakers underscored the necessity of nurturing a skilled workforce proficient in modern technologies, emphasizing the importance of developing capabilities to leverage these tools for the betterment of human lives.

Princess Haifa's remarks signal Saudi Arabia's commitment to fostering a dynamic and resilient workforce capable of driving innovation and sustainable growth in the tourism sector, positioning the Kingdom as a global leader in tourism excellence and technological advancement.

Photo Credit: Saudi Press Agency



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