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Prada Presents A Special Collection For Ready-To-Wear And Eid al-Fitr 2023

MILAN, Italy - Prada's new Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr 2023 photographs highlight the changing nature of time, inspired by an evocative nocturnal palette defined by contrasts of light and shade. Throughout the night, a sequence of bright photographs filled with a unique ambiance depicted multiple occasions.

This timelessness is mirrored by the contrasting juxtaposition of indoors and outdoors, realistic and surreal as viewed through the camera lens, physical and imagined places merge and become mixed, forcing the spectator to choose if the scene is authentic or artificial. The shifting of time and space also serves as a metaphor for each of us on our introspective and meditative journey.

The set design reflects the mood of the exclusive women's ready-to-wear and accessories collection, with colors ranging from sky blue to deep navy and blank. Dazzling crystal embroidery adorns silk blouses and dresses composed of seemingly weightless materials, as well as fashionable purses, most notably the Prada Galleria mini-bag and leather shows.

Lighter colors wave selected for the men's collection: warm, earthy shades that appear to hint to and anticipate the light of the day that eventually follows the night.

The collection is available at GCC Prada boutiques and online



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