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Pioneering Partnership Transforms Ummahat Island into a Sustainable Tech Haven

Pioneering Partnership Transforms Ummahat Island into a Sustainable Tech Haven

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Red Sea Global (RSG), Zain KSA, and the French Serge Ferrari Group have achieved a significant technical breakthrough, aiming to redefine the digital experience on Ummahat Island. As outlined in a press release from RSG, this strategic partnership has resulted in the development and installation of advanced telecom towers, ushering in an innovative era that seamlessly integrates technology with the island's natural beauty.

The project, fueled by a commitment to joint sustainability efforts, is a testament to the collective vision of RSG and Zain KSA. The installed advanced telecom towers aim to deliver a communication experience that not only meets the highest technological standards but also harmonizes with the island's pristine environment.

Dr. Ahmed Alsohaily, Group Head of Technology at RSG, underlines the significance of partnering with entities that share a common vision for sustainable development and environmental responsibility. "As we aspire to be leaders in sustainable development and environmental responsibility around the world, we are well aware that achieving this ambitious goal requires working with partners who share our vision, a common ethical and social commitment, as well as a desire for innovation and uniqueness," says Dr. Alsohaily.

The project's five primary objectives, outlined in the press release, include providing an ideal 5G service, enhancing the island's visual aesthetics, reducing emissions through the utilization of 100% clean energy, preserving biodiversity, and enabling tower sharing among all licensed telecom operators in KSA.

The towers stand as a pinnacle of innovation, powered by the world's first net-zero energy 5G network, recently launched by RSG and Zain KSA – a pioneering feat on a global scale. These towers, entirely solar-powered, not only champion environmental sustainability but are also designed to optimize air circulation, reducing cooling costs and eliminating the need for high maintenance.

Eng. Sultan Abdullah Alhadlag, Zain KSA's Marketing and Business Development Executive, emphasizes the commitment to localizing innovation and employing technical capabilities to support sustainability. With sustainability at its core, Zain KSA is dedicated to implementing responsible practices and investments, ensuring infrastructure, services, and digital solutions that align with environmental preservation.

Sébastien Baril, President of the Serge Ferrari Foundation, emphasizes the transformative power of the ecological transition. He states, "The challenges of the ecological transition must lead us to transform our organization. This means changing our business model to focus on solutions, with an innovative-materials approach, to reduce our impact and contribute to a better world."

This collaborative effort is not only a technological milestone but also aligns with the broader goals of the Saudi Green Initiative and Saudi Vision 2030. RSG and Zain KSA are actively contributing to increasing the use of clean energy, reducing carbon emissions, and protecting the environment. The initiative is set to play a crucial role in achieving the Vision 2030 goals, improving the quality of life, and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.



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